Dr. Liz Cruz – On A Mission (With Her Son Kai!) To Help America’s Kids

If you’re worried about your child’s stomach and digestive health, please don’t lose hope. Their suffering is not your fault, and you are doing your best.

Dr. Liz Cruz has been a Gastroenterologist since 2003. She’s cared for a registry of over 17,000 patients of all ages and strives to be their advocate by getting to the root of serious health concerns.

She has successfully treated hundreds of younger patients who suffer terribly with gut and digestive issues that hold them back from living life. 

Dr. Cruz also knows it can be resolved. Your child doesn’t have to live with painful symptoms for the rest of their life.

She knows a body racked with tiredness and aches and pains can transform into a body filled with strength and vitality. Embarrassing and painful symptoms you fear you’ll live with for the rest of your life can resolve.

If you’d like our help, Dr. Cruz and her staff work closely with you to heal your child’s digestion problems, so they can become pain-free, symptom-free, and off medications with your doctor’s consent and supervision.

Wherever you live, you will work with Dr. Cruz and her team directly, even from afar. You will have your consultations one of two ways:


Perhaps you’ve seen a parade of doctors and specialists and endured countless tests, but still no one seems to know what’s wrong or how to help you? Or perhaps you know you need to take your child to see a doctor, but you’d prefer to take a natural route, that doesn’t load foreign chemicals into their body?

It’s exhausting and mentally draining to want to take away a child’s pain. It can lead to self-blame. But it’s important to know, again, this is not your fault.

Stomach and digestive issues don’t have to define you and define your life.

Your child can get well. He or she can enjoy life fully again.

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