For Kids



I’m Kai!

I’m 11 years old, and my mom, Dr. Liz Cruz, is a gastroenterologist!

That’s a big word, I know, but it means she helps adults and kids who have stomach problems to feel better.

She’s been doing this a loooong time, and her passion for helping people rubbed off on me!

I decided I wanted to help kids learn about digestion too – because digestion affects your health in so many ways. And you and I know it’s no fun to be sick. It means you can’t do all the things you like to!

So, I wrote a book for kids, by a kid! With some help from my mom about all the medical stuff! 🙂

It’s called “Digest This NOW! For Kids!” And it’s full of great cartoons and drawings that will help any kid to know what to do to help their bodies feel better.

Ask your parents if they will buy my book for you, just click here to go to and buy it now! You can choose from the Kindle version so you enjoy from any phone or tablet, or a paperback copy.